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The rock n’ rollers food list: What do A-list rock stars treat themselves to?

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OMG! There halloween treats are to die for!

Rock stars have always been under the spotlight for their eccentric behavior. The countless afterparties or aggressive performances are on the top of everyone’s mind when thinking about rock star image. However, one will find out many interesting details just by looking at a rock star rider list.

The food and drinks are playing the significant role on the list, and the wishes from A-listers can sometimes be creepy or weird. In case you were wondering what a typical rider list include concerning the food, here are the answers.


Not every rock-star can deserve the status – you have to be creative and demanding when it comes to choosing which food will get to the list. Organizers still remember Lady Gaga’s ask for “non-smelly” type of cheese on the ice. And there was another request, which was about the color of the cheese. Doesn’t it sound weird?


Fruit and rock music doesn’t seem like a couple, do they? But in reality, there are many rock stars that like to order some fresh fruits for in between the songs. The most common ones include bananas, grapes, grapefruit, and tangerine. Some artists, however, may ask for certain kinds of fruit to be excluded from their plate.


Ice-cream is the perfect way to heal after a long and exhausting performance. That’s why even the most hard-core rock stars like to get off stage and find a bucket of their favorite ice-cream in the wardrobe.


Some rockers have a sweet tooth – they need a lot of candies, pastry, cakes, or cookies for their breaks in between the songs. Besides fulfilling their list, they will appreciate the effort that organizers put into the work. They often nail the combination of flavors the band likes, causing them to think something like OMG! These halloween treats are to die for! In addition to that, rock stars especially love the fact that most Halloween treats come in weird and creepy designs which makes them super excited.


Bread can be an important part of every rider’s list. Some celebrities would ask for white bread, some others for a wheat bread – their every wish is made reality thanks to the organizers and their stuff. However, some rockers aren’t needy in regards to the choice of food. When they order food for their list, they will usually be fine with ordinary white bread.


While some rock stars choose meat with low fats (like chicken breasts or fish), others like their meat red and spicy. Organizers from all over the world read about different requests for meat: from heavy seasoned chicken wings to meatballs and pork chops.

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